New Work for Efficiency Vermont

It’s time to start showing off all that hard work we did in 2012. First up, a video project we developed for Efficiency Vermont. If you didn’t already know – and after watching this you will know – there’s a new way to shop for light bulbs. No more looking for watts. No more buying bulbs you might wind up hating. No more wasting money on inefficient bulbs. To spread the word, we went through a conceptual development process and created a whole campaign called “Love Your Light.” Basically, the idea was to empower consumers and help them realize it’s really easy to dial in the light in their home and save some dough. The campaign also includes in-store displays, analog and interactive bulb finding tools, ads, websites, and this here video. A big thanks to the guys at BlackMath in Boston for taking our idea and really running with the animation. You can see some of their production sketches here. Great guys to work with.