Deep thoughts, as well as a few shallow ones, by Methodikal. 

Ski Vermont Poster #9
Ski season is here, and so is this poster.
John Hodgman likes our mayonnaise
Methodikal is sponsoring John Hodgman’s show at LOH and he clearly loves the poster we designed for the occasion.
Logo + Website for Fontaine Bros.
Designing a new brand identity and website for a large, family-owned construction firm in Springfield, MA.
Chilling in Hawaii
Methodikal-designed logo for Standing O hangs loose in Maui.
A short post for a little logo
An Old Concept Lives On
Branding work for the Middlebury Language Schools.
Teala Drury: Packaging Model
Some inspired modeling on new packaging design work for Kurgo.
Earn Your °
Get your degree in Vermont and live the good life.
Booze, Beaches & Snow
Three of life’s joys, heading to a wall near you.
New Work for Efficiency Vermont