Video production for VIP

We just launched Episode 15 of our ongoing series, Distributing Intelligence, for our client VIP (Vermont Information Processing). VIP’s been in business for more than 40 years, and they're the beverage industry’s leading technology innovator and partner.
We started this series a few years back when VIP was in the midst of revamping their technology platform and needed customers to stay loyal despite some seemingly tempting offerings from competitors.
Simply put, nobody knows the beverage industry better than VIP does, and its technology is built with real, first-hand input from distributors, brewers, soda bottlers, wineries, and distillers. Distributing Intelligence is targeted at a C-level audience and aims to help them understand the tremendous possibilities that exist in the technology they already own.

The series has been successful, and we’re already gearing up for the next batch of episodes. You can see the whole catalog on the new VIP website, which we also designed and just recently launched.
We’ve been collaborating with the pros over at Hen House Media to shoot and edit these spots. Thanks guys.