New VIP Website Launches

The beverage industry's leading technology innovators launch a new website, designed by Methodikal.

We’ve been working with our client, VIP, for a number of years. Mainly we’ve been helping VIP to communicate with their existing customers – beer distributors, soda bottlers, wine and spirits suppliers, and breweries – to help them get the most from VIP’s innovations. Today, we launched their new website

For being the leading tech supplier in the beverage industry, their old website felt anything but technologically sophisticated. It was dated, to say the least, and also lacked the warm personality that you quickly encounter as soon as you spend time with VIP’s people. VIP works with its customers so closely that they’re often friends, as well as beverage-industry experts, and we felt it was important that those human connections and market expertise shine through.

We developed the new site with our friends over at Eternity. They did the back end using the MODX platform, and Methodikal handed design and content content development.

The new site is a drastic improvement. It’s clean and easy to use, despite conveying a lot of information. It’s got a content management system that makes it easy for the client to manage and update everything themselves. It puts a human face on the company, and is also geared to helping VIP with its H.R. recruiting efforts, a critical function in the tech field in Vermont. Most important, it paints a compelling, true picture of VIP that has it well positioned for continued success.