Architectural Metal Supply

The owners of Reap Construction have been Methodikal clients (and dear friends) for forever. We wish we could afford to have them build a place for us, because the houses they build are amazing.
Aside from being talented builders and good people, they’re also innovators. Seeing an opportunity, they recently launched Architectural Metal Supply. The company is creating their own propriety products to help builders and roofers around the northeast, as well as supplying high-quality metal-roofing components and custom-metal fabrication.

The website we designed was developed on the SquareSpace platform, always an excellent choice for a low-cost, highly functional, and great looking site.
We’ve also been applying to brand to their website, advertising, trade show graphics, packaging design, and branded swag. Congrats Joy + Bob!

The logo design plays on the forms of metal being bent and shaped on a break, with the A, M, and S appearing out of a single sheet.