John Hodgman likes our mayonnaise

Author and comedian John Hodgman (whom you may know from his appearances on The Daily Show, or as the ‘PC’ from Apple's Mac vs. PC ads, or from his New York Times Magazine column, or from one of the thousands of other awesome things he does) is coming to the Lebanon Opera House on November 20th. As part of our deal with the Opera House, we get to sponsor some shows. And if it’s something we’re really excited about, Seth may throw down with a custom poster design, which he did this time. Anyway, the poster is on press as we speak, so buy some tickets to the show and you just might be able to grab yourself a print.

If you're a fan of his Judge John podcast, you're no doubt aware of his affinity for mayonnaise as a key element in any rational-thinking person's post-apocolypse survival kit. It also seemed like the perfect vehicle around which to design a poster to promote the event. If you check out his latest podcast around the 25:00 minute mark, you'll get to hear John's thoughts on the poster.