Teala Drury: Packaging Model

If you’ve visited Methodikal’s Global HQ in Burlington, you’ve no doubt been greeted by the dogs. There’s Muddy “Attention Hog” Hannigan (a chocolate lab) and Teala “Irrational Exuberance” Drury (a golden retriever). So when Kurgo Products came calling this past year, it was a natural fit. Kurgo, based in Massachusetts, makes dog harnesses, coats, packs, and car restraints, among others. They needed our help designing the packaging for a new day pack.

In a way, Teala had a lot do to with the final creative product. The client’s original photo shoot hadn’t yielded the best results, so Seth took Teala for a hike up Camels Hump over the weekend. He threw the pack on her and took some new shots along the way. Those wound up making it onto the final product.

Teala also helped with the copy. Early on, we talked about wanting to add some character to the packaging. One idea was to have the dogs give their “perspective” on Kurgo’s gear. I remembered Seth joking about when he originally put the pack on Teala that she froze because she’d never worn one before and didn’t quite know what to make of it. In playing around with the idea, it seemed funny to think that she actually froze because she was so excited by the pack’s possibilities.

Here’s Teala’s “story” from the packaging design if you’re curious:

“The first time we put this MAX Pack on our dog, Teala, it blew her mind. She had always liked carrying things on hikes: sticks so long they blocked the trail, small trees, the occasional dead animal. But when she realized she could carry things—and actually be helpful—we think she was just momentarily paralyzed by its potential:

Now, she’d be so much more than a golden retriever. She’d be a four-legged 18-wheeler, hauling freight up and down the trails. She could also see herself shedding some extra pounds, because adding extra weight to the pack can help her lose weight.

But mostly, we think she was just pumped because her water, toys, leash, gear, and food — sweet, succulent kibble — would be strapped right to her side, ready at a moment’s notice.

Anyway, Teala loves the MAX Pack. We hope your pup does too. Enjoy.