Earn Your °

We’ve been working with the Consortium of Vermont Colleges for a year or two now, and after some initial project-based work, we were asked to develop the brand in a more meaningful way that they could really own. The idea was to leverage the vacations that families already take to Vermont, as well as the Consortium’s partnership with fellow Methodikal client Ski Vermont, and use those as a way introduce the concept of their kids attending college here too. Since people who visit here usually like the Vermont lifestyle as much as they like the resorts and mountains, it made sense to connect the idea of going to school here with living the Green-Mountain good life all at the same time. We shared a bunch of initial concepts with the client, but we really felt strongly about one called VT°. It was one of those ideas that you knew would just hit the mark in a really rich way. Fortunately the client agreed completely. We brought the idea to life in a printed collateral piece, seen here, and will be blowing it out to the Consortium’s website and the rest of their communications throughout 2013.