Harley Branding

No, we're not talking about motorcycles or leather; this one's about something much more important: food. Great food, in fact. 

We recently got approached to develop a logo design and branding for a new restaurant in Orange County, California, called Harley Laguna Beach. Harley is the creation of Chef Greg Daniels and his team, and the endeavor is a deeply personal one. When we started working with him, Greg told us all about his inspiration for the place.

Harley is named for Greg's grandfather, a man who had a big influence on him. Greg explained that whenever he'd go over to his grandparent's place, there'd always be music and laughter in the air, and good food on the stove. So when it came time to open his own place, he wanted people to feel the same way. Greg's also got some considerable chops in the kitchen, so the idea was to serve up high-end food without the snootiness factor, paired with a renewed emphasis on service in American dining.

To get the scripted look, we got access to his grandfather's old drivers license and used the signature we found as a starting point. From there we tweaked it out to be more contemporary, as well as more readable. 

We'll have more to share on this one soon, including restaurant packaging, signage, menus, advertising, and all that stuff. But we're super happy with how the logo turned out and wanted to share. Cheers.