Bottle Rockets + Lake Monsters

Seldom seen, often talked about. Champ is the unofficial mascot of Lake Champlain (perhaps it's time we make it official?) and just like the rest of us Vermonters, he likes to whoop it up from time to time. Of course, Champ takes the celebration to 11 (wouldn't you if you were a mythical lake monster?).

This year we worked with Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront to create this lively poster and t-shirt design to commemorate Burlington's Independence Day celebration on July 3rd, 2019. The playful illustration exemplifies the personality of the festivities: fun, family-friendly, and energetic.

And just to be safe . . . please don't try this at home. Champ is a trained pyrotechnician, and earned his PhB (Doctorate in Bottle Rocketry) from the acclaimed Scottish Pyrotechnical University at Loch Ness.