Brand Identity Design for Vermont Eclectic Co.

Vermont Eclectic Company is the brainchild of Mark Scully. Mark came to us about a year ago, explaining that Woodstock, Vermont, was desperately in need of a great t-shirt shop and that he was going to fill that void. Mark’s idea was to create a store that was part retail experience and part artists’ gallery, all designed around celebrating what makes Vermont so special and fun and unique. 

While we got to work on the brand — including name development, logo design, brand identity, packaging design, website design, and more — Mark went out and enlisted Vermont artists to be part of the project. His mandate was simple: What does Vermont mean to you? What makes you glad you live here? What makes you smile? What makes you give a damn about this place? 

It’s been a lot of work by a large team of collaborators (special shout-outs to Christine Burdick Design for designing the retail space, Sammel Sign Company for creating the signage, and The Arcana Workshop for designing the giant chicken hiker statue), but the fruits of all that labor paid off when the store opened its doors the other weekend. Here's an article that tells adds to the story. We’ll have more to share soon, but we just wanted to take the opportunity to say, Congrats Mark! Now go sell some t-shirts.