Middlebury College

Deliverables & Services:
Logo Design + Collateral Design + Copywriting + Website Design + Video Production + Brand Concept

Over the years, we’ve worked with a range of disciplines within the college, including the renowned Middlebury Language Schools. 

Each year we get the chance to re-imagine how to bring Middlebury Arts to life visually.

Our concept for this branding project for the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy was best summed up by the tagline, “Live. Learn. Leap.” It was executed across videos, web, collateral, and posters.

We interviewed high school students for the videos, which is always interesting, especially when they’re WAY smarter than you are.

Here’s a few poster designs we created for productions on campus, including such everyday visuals as mouthy birds, rooted heads, and sound waves.

The Middlebury Institute at Monterey attracts a very smart and committed student body, so these ads appeal to their sense of purpose and intellect. Plus, we’re suckers for a good long-copy ad. 

Go Panthers.

Additional Projects