Copywriting + Content Development

Deliverables & Services:
Video Content Development + Editorial Writing + Website Copywriting and Content Development + Brand Copywriting + Brand Name and Tagline Development + Advertising Copywriting

When we’re working on a project that involves video content development – whether it’s a scripted tv spot or something more documentary style – there’s a ton of writing work that goes into making spots like these work. It’s our job to find the right talent in front of and behind the camera, develop smart scripts, lead compelling interviews, lend a keen eye in the editing room, and anything else that’s needed. Here’s more of our video work if you’re interested.

One of the nice things about developing magazines is getting to write longer-form editorial content for our clients. It’s a delicate balance to strike between journalism and marketing, but when done well, it creates content that’s much more interesting for the reader and tells a richer story about the brand. To read more, head to our ISSUU page

Website copywriting and content development projects are as much about organization as anything else. Sometimes a site just needs a fresh voice and a few new pages. Other times, like this site for VIP, it’s time to blow up the status quo and start fresh.

When we’re doing brand copywriting, developing the voice for collateral and packaging design projects requires a bit of finesse – make it emotionally impactful, yet short and sweet.

Methodikal offers product and brand name development to help get the foundation right. A thoughtful and well-crafted tagline can be a great asset, too.

A perfect tagline is a little bit rational and a little bit emotional, so basically a hybrid of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk.

Advertising copywriting is an art. Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more. We’re suckers for a good long-copy print ad when it makes sense.

Additional Projects