Mount Snow

Deliverables & Services:
Brand Concept + Brand Research + Advertising + Magazine Design + Content Development + Video Production

Take it from us, it’s great to be a flake.

We love flakes. Do you?

Videos gave Mount Snow a key way to drive social media attention and revenue during the critical season pass sales period.

Mount Snow’s magazine lacked the character that makes the mountain interesting, so we tried to infuse some unique personality when we reimagined the book. We design the whole thing and oversee all of the editorial development.

Mount Snow is known as a freestyle mecca. For a how-to-do-tricks article featuring one of the resort’s instructors, we turned to friend-of-Methodikal Josh Highter for some fun and colorful illustrations. 

When it came time to do trade show graphics for the Boston Ski Show, we went big. 

The campaign was honored as the Best Overall Marketing Campaign by the National Ski Areas Association. What’s not to love about that?

Additional Projects